23 May

Santiago de CubaAfter more than a year of wavering roaming, unable to decide on which part of the world to focus my blog, I’m coming home, to the Land of Mira.

As I was jumping from country to country – by actually setting my foot on their soil, or at a distance, following developments via traditional and social media or just word of mouth, I realized that all the countries that I care about cannot really be linked geographically.

But there is a common subject: call it human rights, social justice, or just justice – I guess there are many more words associated with what is a desire inherent in human beings – a desire for a better life.

This perfectly reasonable desire will be at the centre of this blog. Sometimes, I might stray into pure politics – because in the end, this is what often influences the chances for a better life. Or, oddly enough, sometimes not at all.

It’s interesting how the concept of a good life may vary. What are even financial difficulties in the crises-stricken Europe compared to the horrors of being raped daily  by soldiers of different warring sides in DR Congo?

By no means do I want to downplay the suffering, and its possible physical and psychological consequences, of those hit by financial crisis.

I’m realizing how dark and serious all this sounds. But I hope my blog will sometimes make you smile, perhaps will give you the hope that a better life is possible, make you want to help this to happen, or, at the very least, will make us all realize how lucky we are that we can peacefully browse the Web.

See my blog on Latin America. I will continue writing about this region in the Land of Mira.


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