Le Pen made it!

18 Jun

Marine Le Pen can, and at the same time, cannot be satisfied with the results of the legislative elections on 10 and 17 June. Under her leadership, the far-right National Front has finally escaped from the curse of the French electoral system that has kept it out of the Parliament for the last 24 years. It will now have two deputies sitting there. However, as a big surprise, not Marine, but her 22-year-old niece, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, will be one of them.

Social media has not been kind to this newly elected legislator, with many netizens pointing to her perceived immaturity.

“Can I also have my kids looked after by the National Assembly?” joked ‏@JCBordes at 8:38 PM on 17 June.

One tweet linked to a Youtube video from August 2010, headlined “When Marion Le Pen cracks”. Then 20-year-old woman speaks about her political activism. Unable to answer a trivial question about her programme for the regional elections she is running in, she walks out of shot.

The video generated a lot of comment following her election to Parliament this year.

Other twitterers are critical of Marion’s claim that she represents France’s youth:

‏”I’m happy to be a spokesperson for French youth”, she was quoted as saying by @BrozdziakFred, who added “She is a spokesperson for idiotic ideas”. (8:43 PM, 17 June)

In the same spirit, @Eli_Dy, asks who will explain to Marion Le Pen “that not all French youth are racist”. (3:56 PM, 18 Jun 12)
‏And puzzled @laur_ages adds: “I don’t know which youth she is talking about, because my youth send the FN (National Front) to hell. (10:28 PM, 17 Jun 12)

I must admit, there have also been tweets expressing admiration for the success of the young woman. Indeed, she is the youngest legislator in modern French history. One twitterer wondered why no other party has had a young person elected. “It is grotesque that the PS and the UMP have not been able to elect any young French people to the Parliament”, ‏@Bennoit1 tweeted at 9:54 PM on 17 June.

However, positive comments were much less frequent than criticism on Twitter.


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